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Going to have a chat with Jess about personal training in July was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life! 


You need to understand, however, that I was massively reluctant to do it.  During most of my adult life, I feel like I’ve done every crazy diet, spent countless hours (begrudgingly) in the gym and yet was still fighting a losing battle with my weight/shape.  I kept reassuring my husband that I’d get things under control…soon…but with life, work, friends etc. I just didn’t seem to have the ‘head space’ to focus on my weight.  When my husband suggested I get a personal trainer to get me back on track, I felt angry and ashamed that I couldn’t get this one area of my life under control enough to do it by myself.  So, reluctantly I went to see Jess and can honestly say I came away inspired and ready to get a grip!


I was initially thinking that if she could just help me ‘get my head in the game’ over a few sessions, I’d be ok to go it alone, but that’s because I didn’t appreciate what having Jess as a personal trainer meant.  Not only am I doing things I would NEVER attempt in a gym (flipping tyres, boxing and having my arms abandon me after a set of the battle ropes!!). Sessions with her mean having one hell of a lot of fun…whilst getting my (now shrinking!) ass kicked. The classes are fantastically varied, and she’s there supporting and challenging me every step of the way, not, as I initially feared, judging my lack of willpower!  She also keeps in touch in the week and knowing that she’s there is doing a marvellous job of keeping me on the straight and narrow…honest! 


I’m glad to say I feel fitter, more focused and back in control, all because of her inspiration.  Even though my initial block of sessions has been used, I’ve booked up more, as going it alone is nowhere near as much fun as having someone by your side pushing you to be all you can be.  If you ever wonder if a personal training session could be for you, just do it, as Jess won’t make you regret it.